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Meet Our Counselors!

Who is a School Counselor? 


School Counselors have the privilege to help students, teachers, administrators, parents and community members make the school environment the best it can be. There are four main jobs that a school counselor will provide to assist in the success of the school.

  • System Support - Duties and activities that help the school run smoothly. Duties such as lunch and crosswalk, as well as committee involvement fall in this category.
  • Classroom Guidance - Classroom lessons that teach units such as social skills, career readiness, friendship, study skills, and more!
  • Individual Planning - Helping students understand the six career paths and the ones that are best for them.
  • Responsive Services - Individual and group counseling to help students be successful and productive learners.

Mrs. Jeanie English

East Elementary Counselor

Phone: 417-582-5779

Mr. Paul Goode

South Elementary Counselor 

Phone: 417-582-4879

Mrs. Amber Martin

North Elementary Counselor

Phone: 417-582-4779

Mrs. Melinda Rice

West Elementary Counselor

Phone: 417-582-5754